December Bucket List–Rachel.WTF

Hey guys!

December is a time of holiday shopping, decorating, and doing activities with loved ones.  I made my “December Bucket List” this year, and I thought I would share it with you!


  • Watch more Christmas movies.  Now, I know this sounds stupid, but I really don’t get a chance to watch Christmas movies!  I’m someone with a short attention span, so I’m more of a 30-minute episode person, but I would really like to sit down and actually enjoy some Christmas films with my family this holiday season.
  • Get out and do more Christmas activities.  During December, I tend to be more of a home-body than usual.  It’s cold out, I don’t like driving in the snow and ice, and I don’t really have a lot of friends around to do things with.  This month, I’m making it my mission to do more things!
  • See more friends.  Now, again, I know this sounds stupid.  I should make it a goal to see my friends all the time.  But unfortunately, most of my friends live 45 minutes to an hour away from me during the school year because they all just haaaaaaad to go to university.  They’ll all be home for the holidays, and I’d really like to meet up with them and do things!  I miss my damn friends, y’all.
  • Give back more.  I try to talk about how generous I am and that I really care about the community, but I honestly don’t go out of my way to do things for people.  I’m making it my goal this month to volunteer and help out with things that I don’t usually do.  There are so many good charities and organizations out there that really need a lot of extra hands, and who knows, maybe I could take something really, really good from it.

I’m sure I’ll add to my list throughout the month, but for right now, that’s about it!  I really hope you guys enjoyed this post.  If you did, make sure to like it, leave a comment telling me your December Bucket List, and subscribe to catch all the rest of Blogmas!

Much Love XX


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