Behind the Scenes of Spooktober 2018–Rachel.WTF

Hey guys!

So last week, I goofed.  I didn’t get anything up on Friday.  It was the first day of Spooktober I missed, okay?  Cut me some slack!

As it’s the last Friday of Spooktober, I thought I would share with you all some of the miscellaneous pictures I’ve taken this month as well as some behind the scenes commentary about my photo posts.  So relax, pull up a chair, and let’s take a trip through the month to reminisce!

Week 1:

Doing anything with these stooges is always my favorite.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Jemma (the first pic) is my biological little sister.  Katlyn (the second pic) was my step-sister for about 10 years and I honestly still consider her and her mom my second family.  Steele (the third pic) is Katlyn’s boyfriend.  I literally love these kids so damn much, and this shoot was a blast, though it was a bit of a failure.  We were all too busy goofing off, and Katlyn and Jemma aren’t exactly the most experienced with anything other than selfies, but the shots we did get were incredible.

Steele was great for moral support.

We did this for Frightful Photos from Fear on the Farm (Pt. 1)–go check it out!


Week 2:

This is the second shoot I’ve done with Kaitlin and Brooke, and honestly, it was so much fun.  I’m still learning camera settings and how to shoot in different types of lighting, so when we did photos in the Fear on the Farm barn, I was struggle-bussing a bit at first.  They were so sweet and incredibly patient with me (as they always are) while I tried to get shots that they would like, and I really hope I succeeded in that.  I always have so much anxiety when it comes to shooting things for other people that they’re not going to like it.

We did this for Frightful Photos from Fear on the Farm (Pt. 2)–go check it out!

Week 3:

Last Friday, I took a break from doing “planned shoots” and just went out and about taking pictures of whatever made me happy.  Things that made me happy included Fear on the Farm, Ridenour Lake, and my sister.

That essentially sums up my life.


Week 4:

This week has been much the same.  I’ve been taking pictures of things that make me happy, like flowers, trees, and spooky Halloween decorations.  I’ve had so much fun doing it, too.  I don’t feel stressed to get a post up–I can just do whatever I want.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this!  Spooktober only has three days left, and I’m kinda sad to see it go!  Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and comment telling me what makes you happy.

Stay spooky XX


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