Our Month in Pictures–November

Hey guys!

So, I’m going to be straight up with you–I kinda forgot to take pictures this month.

I have a few to share, but not nearly as many as last month.  But, in my defense, there was a lot more going on last month.

That’s my excuse.

Deal with it.

In case you didn’t know it, my mom and I homeschool my little sister, Jemma.  At the beginning of the month, she and I went to a few different places around the area to take photos for one of her photography projects.  We went to Bangor Cemetery, which is a historical cemetery (not officially, I don’t think) in St. Albans, West Virginia, and is about 10 minutes from our house!  My dad and some of the other guys from the church we went to for 17 years of my life used to go and cut the grass here every week, so I’m very well-acquainted with this place.  I’m usually terrified of cemeteries, as I stated in one of my first blog posts, but Bangor is about the only one I don’t freak out in.


Most of the graves date back to the 1800’s, which is really freaking cool.  A lot of them are so old they can’t be read anymore, which makes you wonder how long they’ve been there.

That day, we also went to the church we used to go to, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.


My mom worked as the secretary here for most of my life, and most of my childhood memories either involve this place, or the people in it.  It was a huge part of my life for a very long time.

Also, have this gem of Jemma.


As you all know, I got a dog last month.  Her name is Lexie, and she has been the best thing (literally) to ever happen to me.  She’s finally warmed up to Duncan, the little shit-head, and they’ve become the best of friends.

I’m obsessed with them, guys.  You have no idea.


My birthday was also a thing that happened this month.  I went to the movies with Mom and Jemma to see Murder on the Orient Express, and I can’t express how incredible of a movie it was.  If you have the chance to go see it, do it.  It was amazing.

I also went to a Japanese restaurant with Jemma and my other sister, Jasmine, and had some of the best sushi EVER.  These two also went to Target before lunch and got me a really cute cat wallet (my Supernatural one was falling apart) and an ugly Christmas sweater for Lexie!  I don’t have any pictures of the wallet, but enjoy these photos of my dog’s suffering.


Then, I went to a different Japanese restaurant with Dad, Crista (my step-mom), and Katlyn (my step-sister). 

What can I say?  I’m a giant Japanese nerd.

These are, unfortunately, the only pictures that were taken that night because I suck.


Also, huge shout-out to the staff at Red Fire for (a) not pressuring me drink saké when I said I didn’t want to and (b) not humiliating me in front of the whole restaurant when they were told it was my birthday.  My anxiety appreciates you!

I also got to go bowling with my best friend and her boyfriend, who I haven’t seen since we went to a Bernie Sanders book-launching thing in February.  I didn’t take any pictures that night, because I was trying to live in the moment and enjoy my friends, but it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.  Here are some things that summed up our night:


And who could forget Thanksgiving?

Jasmine had to work on Thanksgiving, so we actually had our dinner with Mom on the Tuesday before.  I didn’t get any pictures of our dinner because I was busy helping Mom, and then super hungry and wanted to eat immediately.  I did get a picture of Lexie in the car on my way to MawMaw’s house, so there’s that.


On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Jemma and I went to Dad’s to have Thanksgiving with them and their friends, and again I got no pictures.  I really suck.

Well, no pictures apart from this one:


My Snapchat is literally the weirdest place in the world. (@awkwardrachel96)

I have some other pictures with no real stories to go with them, so have those, too!  Guess who they’re of?


I need therapy for my dog-obsession or something.

That’s all for November!  Sorry for rambling on for ages, but I feel like I haven’t truly spoken to you guys in a while and kinda missed it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Month in Photos.  If you did, make sure you give it a like!  What did you do this month that was super fun?  Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to click that follow button to be notified of when I upload new things to Rachel.WTF!  Christmas is going to be so much fun around here!

Much love XX




All photos taken by Rachel Taylor and Crista Taylor.

Kip GIF: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/character%3A-kip-dynamite

Adventurous Adventures of One Direction excerpt: https://www.pinterest.com/1Direction1224/adventurous-adventures-of-one-direction/


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