19 Questions About Jemma

1. How old are you?


2. Do you consider yourself mature for your age?

Yes and no. I mean I kind of am mature because of how I deal with some things, but I will always laugh when somebody says the word “penis”.

3. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

I’m definitely an optimist. I try to see the best in everything and everyone.

4. Do you hold people to higher standards than you hold yourself?

I don’t hold standards, like at all, so I guess that’s a no.
5. Do you constantly self-analyze?

I had to look up what self-analyzing was so that answers your question I guess.

Also when I was looking at the WikiHow I found myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.33.04 PM
If that ain’t me.

6. What do you think when you  look in the mirror?

“Why is my hair so frizzy?”

7. What do you get most complimented on?

My hair or my eyebrows. My hair is really long and wavy and everybody but me sometimes loves it. And my eyebrows are really thick and have a really nice natural shape.


I mean look at those long luscious locks.

8. Is having lots of friends or having great grades more important to you?

Lmao, friends. I know grades are super important because that’s what my future depends on, and I probably won’t even talk to my high school friends in 20 years, but come on, I’m 16, let me live.

9. Are you patient or do you have a temper?

I’m super patient, I’m like the opposite of Rachel when it comes to this. I can usually deal with anything/anybody.

10. How often do you think about human kind and our destiny?

I couldn’t care less about our destiny. The only destiny I care about it Destiny’s Child.


11. Do you plan your life to the detail or leave it up to fate?

I try to plan my life, but it never works out how I plan, so I just leave it up to fate then. And I mean who actually can plan their life out, and follow through with everything?

12. When you make plans with friends, how far in advance do you plan?

Usually it doesn’t even get to the planning part, it’s like a text that’s “we should hang out soon” “yeah, that’d be lit” and it’s left at that. Unless it’s a barn trip because me and most of my friends are obsessed with horses.

13. Do you frequently speak exactly what’s on your mind?

For the most part I’ll tell you how I feel. I don’t really care if you get mad at me for telling you the truth. Truth hurts baby. But if it’s around somebody I just met I might not say exactly what I’m thinking because I don’t say much if I don’t really know you, shocker I know.

14. Would you rather read or party with friends?



But really, I’d probably rather stay home. I don’t enjoy curling up with a good book as much as Rachel, but I would rather stay home alone and like listen to music or something. And by listen to music I really mean sing and dance around like an idiot until I realize the window is open and the neighbors saw and heard everything, then of course I hide away in my room.

15. Are you really organized or super messy?

I am a mess. My room is a mess, my brain is a mess, my life is a mess. My room is clean-ish right now, but that’s only because Rachel and Mom made me organize everything, and in about 2 more weeks it’ll be back to being a complete mess again.


16. Are you afraid of failure?

Nah lmao. I am a failure, so I’m used to it. I mean, I broke my ankle at a birthday party, for crying out loud. If that doesn’t scream  f a i l u r e  idk what does.

17. What is your favorite trait about yourself?

I like that I’m a really chill person. I have no emotions and most of the time it’s a great thing. You never know if I’m about to go crazy and kill everybody, cry, or have a mental breakdown. (Spoiler alert I’m always about to do all of that). It’s also great because I can hide things pretty well, unless I’m hiding something from Mom, because she always knows everything. But usually I have a great poker face.


18. What is your favorite trait in other people?

“What attracts you to people? Mexican accents?” -Rachel

I love funny people. If you can make me laugh (It’s not hard I laugh at fr everything) I’ll be your friend. All my friends are funny, at least to me they are. But the thing is we all have a very dark sense of humor so if anybody would read my messages they would be shookith.

19. Name a celebrity or icon who you think has a personality close to yours.

I would like to say that I am like somebody like Rob Lowe, but I’m not that great.


I’m sorry I am obsessed, but how could I not be? L o o k  a t  h i m.

But really, I think I’m a lot like Bailee Madison. We both like horses, we’re about the same age, and we even kind of look alike. I mean she’s much prettier than me, but it’s whatever.



Hope you guys enjoyed this survey! Tell me down in the comments what you think when you look in the mirror.

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Stay Gold 




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