Self Care Tips By Jemma

It’s the holidays and that’s great and all, but it also means a lot of eating and dealing with stressful people (such as your family). I’m here to tell you how to keep looking flawless af for all those family pictures you know you’ll be taking. Although, I probably shouldn’t be giving tips on self care because I have no clue what I’m talking about lmao. I’ll just use Google to help me out a bit.


5. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

You’re on break from school and all you want to do is party all night, or if you’re like me you just want to watch Parks and Recreations all night.


But keeping a consistent sleep schedule will give you more energy and you won’t have dark circles or bags under your eyes. So you will look bomb af all the time. And if you can’t get a good night’s sleep, take naps during the day. As long as you get enough sleep everyday, no matter when.

Traveling to see family? Sleep in the car/plane/whatever transportation you’re using.

Partying it up with your friends and getting lit every night? Sleep during the day.

You partied hard last night and your family is coming over for the weekend? Hide in your room and sleep, or go into a self-induced coma and get a good sleep.


Everybody @ me rn.

4. Have Some Relaxing “Me Time”


Holiday’s can be stressful. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a day, or more you do you, and just chill. You can binge watch your favorite TV show, have an 80’s movie marathon, online shop, shop in a store, sleep, read, whatever you want. Just do something for yourself, be selfish af.

Having a me day is always good, not even just in the holidays. But in holiday season everything 10x more stressful so just take a day or so to focus on yourself. Chill by yourself, sleep in, do whatever makes you happy.


3. Eat Healthy(ish)

I know it’s Thanksgiving (and Christmas soon) and at these times everybody has feasts with their families, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat every single thing you see. Even though that’s what we all want to do because it all looks so good.


Try to portion it out. If your family is anything like mine, you will have leftovers. So, eat your favorite things the first day, then slowly work your way through everything else for the next week or so. You can have some chocolate cake that Grandma Suzzie made for breakfast


2. Spend Time With People You Love (Or Just Kind Of Like)

Sometimes the holidays suck because you have to explain to your great aunt Carol why you still don’t have a boyfriend, or because somehow the topic always turns to politics and nobody has the same views as each other and it turns ugly.


But, you can choose who to spend most of your holiday with. Text a friend you haven’t seen in a while and go hang out with them and catch up.

It’s like a fact or something that spending time with people you love makes you happier and healthy or something like that. And after spending a lot of time with Cousin Jim-Bob from Mobile, Alabama, you’re going to need to spend time with somebody you actually like.

Now don’t get me wrong, some families are great, I can’t complain about mine (except Rachel, she kind of sucks). But you always see all over Twitter how insane some families are. Like I’d rather live with crazy Uncle Marv who’s always drunk and tries to fight everybody than spend 20 minutes at that dinner table.



1. Get Organized!

Use the time you have free to clean up. It doesn’t matter if it’s your room, car, entire house, desk, or even just your head, just organize something.


When you organize you feel better, or at least I do.

It makes your room seem so much more peaceful if it’s clean. When your room is peaceful you can sleep, or just relax much easier. Usually when my room is clean I spend more time in it.

I also love candles. Lighting a candle or two in your room makes it so relaxing to sit in there. Also they make your room smell amazing.

But yeah, anyways, organization is a great time killer and it’s important if you want to relax.


Thanks so much for reading! That was my top 5 self-care tips! Comment down below what you do to relax! 

Sorry if #1 doesn’t make much sense, or if it’s boring. It is currently 3:16 am and I’m writing it. I told you I don’t know anything about self-care. 

Stay Gold




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