A Letter to My Dog

Remember back in September when I did that really sweet letter to Jemma on her 16th birthday?  Well guess whose birthday it is today, lads.


No, I’m not joking.

We’ve had Duncan since he was 4 months old.  We went into this little pet shop and paid way too much money for him because the lady 100% ripped us off. (funny story, she just got busted a few months back for running a puppy mill.  Oops!)

When he first came to live with us, he was a tiny terror.  He ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny, several packets of hot chocolate mix, and a few of those instant hand-warmers that you keep in your coat pocket.  He chewed on everything he could get his little mouth around, including our couch, our cell phones, the carpet in Mom’s room, my hands…literally everything.  I lost 2 cell phones to this little shit-head.


We discovered early on that he had some serious skin conditions that he had to be medicated for, and unfortunately up until recently, he hadn’t been properly medicated.  Our poor little boy was itchy all the time, running a constant fever, had lost most of his fur, and his skin was constantly sticky and scaly all at the same time.  After almost 9 months of being on his medication, though, our little guy is back in shape and happy as ever!


Duncan’s favourite things include going to the dog park, car rides, playing with his “boy” (it started off as a little white stuffed dog that we found him with just shortly after Maggie, our older dog, passed away.  Since the stuffing is completely ripped out of the OG boy, he has upgraded to a brown stuffed horse and a white and purple unicorn), and cuddles.  He’s a very pushy little guy, and if he wants to lay with you, he’s going to.


He has more personality than we know what to do with, and that’s not uncommon for Scottish Terriers.  He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered, which often gets him in trouble, but also makes for hilarious Snapchats or texts to my friends.  He always told us exactly how he felt about us leaving him at home alone after Maggie passed, and now does the same if we leave with Lexie and not him.  He’s a very funny little fella.


In conclusion, whoever said dog is man’s best friend knew exactly what they were talking about.  There will forever be a place in my heart for this sweet little boy, and as we celebrate his 8th birthday, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the many years to come.

Here’s to you, Duncy-Doo.

Rachel XX


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