Top 5 Fall Activities (of Rachel.WTF and Jemma)

Hello once again, it’s me, Jemma. I was given the chance to write something that isn’t about serial killers (which I suggest you go read those posts because they’re lit. You can find the one about Charles Manson here and the one about Jeffrey Dahmer here.)

I decided to write Top 5 Fall Activities, because doing things is better in the fall, right?

So, I’m just going to get right into this Top 5. Enjoy.


5.) Pumpkin Carving

giphy (4).gif

Probably one of the most well known fall activities is pumpkin carving. I’ve only done the full process 2 or 3 times, but I’ve wanted to do it every year; I usually just never get around to it.

I think the first time I attempted to carve a pumpkin was like with our youth group or something and I didn’t really do much because Mom didn’t want me to use the knife because I’d probably stab myself in the throat somehow.

Then another time was when I was at my friend’s house and we walked down to the 7-11 and bought a pumpkin. To get to the 7-11 we had to cross a main road. On the way there it was fine, but coming back was a mess. The pumpkin we bought was huge and seeing her run across the road with a giant pumpkin in her arms was hilarious.

When we got back to her house we hollowed it out and her dog tried to eat the guts. Then we carved our names into it, and covered it in glitter. We sat it out on her porch and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.


4.) Baking

dan and phil.gif

As you all know, Rachel and I are obsessed with baking, and fall is the best time to bake. Unlike the rest of my family, I am not a basic white girl because I hate anything pumpkin spice. So when Rachel and I bake, we don’t make pumpkin everything, like everybody does in the fall.

We bake mostly the same things we make year round that we have perfected, cupcakes, cakes, and sometimes we try to make cookies, but usually they don’t work out very well.

My favorite type of cookies for fall are those little sugar cookies with the pumpkin, or some other type of decoration on them, that come already in a dough and you just throw them in the oven and they’re delicious. They’re the cutest things ever and they taste amazing. I could eat an entire package of them… I have eaten an entire package of them.

Anyways, there’s nothing better than sitting outside in the cold with a fuzzy blanket, some hot chocolate, a nice baked good, while reading a book (or in my case, looking at memes on Instagram.)


3.) Trick or Treating

giphy (5).gif

I’m pretty sure every single child ever has probably gone trick or treating at least once in their lives. Trick or Treat night is the only time it’s okay to go door to door and accept candy from complete strangers. Usually it’s just children doing this activity, but sometimes you see a group of teenagers, or even adults going door to door with a pillow case.

My most vivid trick or treating memory was when we were out with my dad. We were almost done for the night, but we went to one last house. Right when we got on the sidewalk to go up to the house, my little plastic pumpkin that I had full of candy broke. The handle came completely off and candy went everywhere. Dad tried to get all the candy off the road and I’m pretty sure I just sat down and cried. He put the handle back on and most of the candy was back in it. I grabbed it, by the handle, and it broke… again. I cried again and I think we just went back home and Jasmine and Rachel gave me some of their candy. (Mom most likely made them do it because they wouldn’t have done it themselves because they hated me. Okay let’s be real they still hate me.)


2.) Trail Riding


I had to put something horse related in here because I’m obsessed.

Fall is the best time to go on a trail ride. The weather is nice, the ground is dry, it gets really pretty on the trails because of all the leaves changing colors, and show season is almost over so it’s a great time to relax with your horse.

Although the last trail ride I was on I fell off my horse, I still love them. West Virginia is not the best place to trail ride at because of all the mountains and stuff. There is no flat ground, like anywhere. Most of our trails are straight up and it’s a struggle, but that makes it more fun. Once you finally reach the top of that giant hill that took 15 minutes to get up while you cling on as tight as you can to your horse’s mane and your legs are basically on your horse’s butt because of steep the hill is, it’s very peaceful…other than the sound of everybody breathing very heavily because it was hard AF to get there.

The best trail I’ve been on was at my first barn. The trail was almost all flat and it was so pretty. Sometimes me and my friend wouldn’t even take horses, we’d just walk the trail on foot. The trail led out onto a main road. I never went that far, but Jasmine did. We would always go about halfway through and there was an old trailer park-like thing with a place to turn around at. We would ride back to the start of the trail, then turn back around and do it again. Since it was mostly flat the horses didn’t get tired from doing it once, and they all enjoyed getting out of the barn.


1.) Watching Horror Movies

giphy (6).gif

Okay, you definitely saw this one coming.

What is the one thing mostly everybody does around Halloween? Watch horror movies.

Rachel did a top 5 horror movies, but my top 5 are different than hers. Mine are more like:

5.) Jaws

4.) Nightmare on Elm Street (the original)

3.) The Visit

2.) IT (also the original)

1.) Annabelle: Creation (even though I barely watched any parts because it was terrifying and I couldn’t look)

Everybody loves a good horror movie…well not everybody. The old ones are always the best because they’re so cheesy and not scary at all. The new ones are too scary for me to watch because I’m a tender little guy. I refuse to see the new IT movie because clowns freak me out, but the old one wasn’t scary so I watched it, and Pennywise is actually terrifying. I’ll stick with looking at memes about it.


That was my first Top 5, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what your favorite fall activities are! Maybe I’ll try them out sometime!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Fall Activities (of Rachel.WTF and Jemma)

  1. The hubby and I are carving our first pumpkin together this year and will also be my first attempt. Wish me luck! Haha. Although I have a strong feeling I will only do the design as I am super creative, but really suck with knives. Lol He will probably do all the carving. Luckily though I ain’t no princess and will gladly help with gutting it etc. xD Baking is the best! I need to definitely get back to baking more myself, been slacking big time. I also think the fall is a better time for baking because of the cooler weather so the oven doesn’t make your whole house feel like you are in an oven like it does in the summer. Lol.

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