Top 5 Horror Movies

Happy Friday the 13th!

Now that we’re well and truly into Spooktober, I thought it was time to break out the Top 5 Horror Movies!  There are so many amazing scary movies out there, but these are my all-time favorites.


5.  Children of the Corn

I will never be a mother.  I’ll never be financially stable enough because of my love of pizza, and also because of the fact that children terrify me.  The thought of ever having a living, breathing carbon-copy of myself scares the shit out of me, even more than Mick Jagger.

But honestly, what a style icon.

In all honesty, this movie wasn’t all that scary.  It’s a bunch of brainwashed kids in a cult who murder adults and sacrifice them to He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

Normal, every day Kansas shit, right?

Despite it not being full of terrifying scenes, it was an incredible movie.  It’s a classic, and the remake can’t even come close to how good this 80’s horror flick is.


4.  The Blair Witch Project

I’m obsessed with movies that are filmed from an angle that isn’t third-person.  The Blair Witch Project is filmed from the perspective of the characters, which makes it much, much cooler, in my opinion.  The fact that there’s never any actual jump-scares adds to the intensity of the film.

In case you live in a cave and haven’t heard anything about this movie, when it came out in 1999, there was a lot of hype that came with it.  The marketing team made it seem as if it was something that really happened.  People believed that the actors had actually died. Missing posters were made to promote the movie.  The actors, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael C. Williams, were all kept out of the public eye. Since the movie was filmed from a first-person perspective, a lot of people believed it!

It’s definitely a must-see for people who enjoy horror movies that aren’t quite the norm.

(Just in case you want more information on how incredibly weird the filming process was for this movie, read this!)


3. Unfriended

Related image

Just like with The Blair Witch ProjectUnfriended has a very realistic vibe to it.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s about a group of high school students on a Skype call with each other, and they’re are all being killed off one by one.

By who?  The ghost of a girl who killed herself after a bunch of terribly graphic videos of her were leaked on the internet.  

Why are they being killed?  Because she knows one of them did it.

The movie is set up to look like you’re watching it from Blaire’s perspective (the girl in the picture above), and you can see everything she sees on her laptop.  I think this was the first horror movie I ever saw from a different perspective, and I think it’s incredible.


2. The Visit

When it comes to horror movies, I’m not often one who screams.  I jump a lot, but I don’t usually vocally express that.  This movie, however, made me lean over and ask my sister, “Did you scream or did I scream?”

Sure, everyone has that one crazy family member, right?  The one that always brings a really weird casserole to the family reunion and talks about their cats.  But these grandparents are a lot creepier than that, you guys.  

And the trailer just shows you the tip of the iceberg.  They’re definitely not what they seem.


1. Annabelle: Creation

I’m not a fan of prequels.  They’re usually just a dick-head method of taking money from diehard fans only to disappoint and kill a great series. 

Annabelle: Creation has been the one exception I’ve ever had to this.

I honestly think this movie was scarier than the first.  It gives you an in-depth backstory on how this doll came to be, who Annabelle was, and why the hell this demon is so hellish.  

It’s definitely not a movie for the faint-hearted.


I hope you guys enjoyed this Top 5–leave a comment telling me your favorite horror movie! 

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Don’t look behind you XX




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