Who Killed JonBenet?–Conspiracy Theories

Hi guys!

Today, we’re talking about one of my favorite conspiracy theories–the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

I want to start off by saying this is JUST A THEORY.  I’m not accusing anyone of any crimes in this; I’m just fascinated by these things and wanted to share my opinions with you all.

If you didn’t know, JonBenet was a six-year old pageant queen who was murdered in her own home the day after Christmas of 1996.  The young girl appeared to have been hit over the head by something heavy and strangled to death.  The murderer was never found, and it still remains one of the most famous unsolved mysteries to date.

There are a ton of different theories out there about what actually happened to JonBenet. Some people believe she was sacrificed to a satanic cult, others think she was murdered by whoever was behind 9/11.  Some even say she never died and grew up to be Katy Perry.


Today, we’re going to keep it simple and say this little girl was murdered.  Not sacrificed, not abducted by aliens, but actually murdered.  That leads us to the biggest question of all–


In a situation like this, the first people the police question are the family, right?  They’re the ones who have the easiest access to the child.  Her body was found in their home. The ransom note found on the stairs was written on Patsy’s stationary.  The handwriting on the note was similar to Patsy’s.

Lots of evidence points to them, right?



A lot of people have said that Patsy was a very intense pageant-mom.  As 1977’s Miss West Virginia, she had a lot of experience in that world.  Some people say that maybe one night, she got a bit carried away and pushed JonBenet, causing her to hit her head and die.  Maybe she called to her husband and they took the girl’s body to the basement, strangled it, and made it look as if it were murder?

Highly unlikely, but still possible, right?


Unfortunately, a lot of evidence points to her father, John, as well.  When the autopsy was conducted, no signs of “conventional rape” were found, but sexual assault was not ruled out.  It is thought that maybe her father had been abusing her sexually for years, and this time it had gone too far.

Whether that is true or not, we will never know, but there is something fishy that did happen that night that puts John Ramsey in a bad light.

He tried to leave on a plane after JonBenet’s body was found.

As the police were questioning people, John was found making a phone call so he could board a flight that night.

Your daughter has just been murdered.  I get that it’s a horrible thing and everyone has their own ways of coping, but doesn’t that strike you as suspicious, too?


JonBenet’s parents were put before a grand jury in 1999 for “knowingly, recklessly, and feloniously” putting their daughter in a position that could have led to her murder, but the charges were never filed.  In 2013, seven years after Patsy Ramsey had passed away from ovarian cancer, forensics were able to prove that the two had not killed their child and they were cleared.

John and Patsy weren’t the only family members to be questioned, though.


Burke, JonBenet’s older brother, was also a prime suspect in this case.  Maybe he was jealous of his little sister and snapped.  Maybe he thought his parents loved him less, or that he wasn’t getting the amount of attention he should have, so he took care of the “problem”.

Two holes were found on JonBenet’s neck, and they matched up perfectly to the connecting bits on Burke’s toy train-tracks, but other than that, there is no hard evidence that links him to his sister’s death.

Much like his father, though, there are some pretty sketchy things that make him look highly suspicious.  The fact that all of his answers to the police about his sister sounded very rehearsed and like things a normal nine-year old wouldn’t say, such as “I do not recall.”

What child speaks like that?

Not only is that a bit weird, there are videos from interviews with the police, pictures from JonBenet’s funeral, and even an interview Burke did recently with Dr. Phil where he’s smiling or looks like he’s trying to hold in laughter when asked about his sister’s murder.


Maybe it’s just nerves.  I tend to get awkward and suspicious-looking in uncomfortable situations.  But what if it’s not?

There are plenty of other theories that claim it could have been a random murderer, a rapist, or even the neighbor who came to the house dressed as Santa Clause (not in a creepy way–he had done it for many years at Christmas time).  Unfortunately, most of these were ruled out due to their being no signs of forced entry and no footprints in the snow leading up to the house.

Unfortunately, all we have are theories.  JonBenet’s murder case is over 20 years old now, and will likely never be solved.  But what do you think?  Do you think it was her family?  Or was it just a random pervert out to get this innocent little girl?

Tell me your opinions down in the comments!  

I really hope you guys enjoyed this conspiracy theory.  Like I said, all of these are just theories, I’m not trying to accuse someone of a murder they may or may not have committed.  It’s one of my favorites–even though it’s extremely sad–and I find this kind of stuff morbidly fascinating.  If you liked it, make sure you let me know by hitting that like button!

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Don’t look behind you XX




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4 thoughts on “Who Killed JonBenet?–Conspiracy Theories

  1. I’m not huge on murder mysteries — real or fictional — but this is super interesting. Devastatingly sad to think about, but the fat that it’s unsolved is wild. I don’t have any theories, as I didn’t know about this before your post and haven’t done any research, but I might look into it out of curiosity.

    I like your Spooktober posts so far. 🙂 ❤ x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by this mystery! I have some wild theories about it, and most of them lead to the family. I know that it’s devastating to think that they could’ve killed their daughter/sister, but that’s where most of the so-called “evidence” points. I agree with what you said about Burke – that Dr. Phil interview was really awkward and strange. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop here hahaa. Love this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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